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Close the Sale University

Learn to Negotiate and Close Like a Master

With Grant Cardone as your virtual closing coach you will no longer struggle in closing and negotiating deals.

What you Get:

  • Theory of Closing (42 Courses): This will develop a deeper understanding of what is truly happening in the close of the deal. Questions like “How to close more deals?”, “How can I be more confident in the close?”, and “How can I increase my closing ratios?” will all be answered.
  • Closing Strategies (106 Courses): This gives exact word tracks on how to handle sales objections. Sales training word tracks are given for objections such as “I need to think about it”, “The price is too high”, “I need to talk to my spouse/manager/ supervisor/owner/Director”.
  • Quick Fix Solution (322 Courses): Preparation is key to handling objections before they occur. How you handle the simplest to most complex objections will make or break the sale!

An arsenal of closes at your fingertips.