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100 Ways to Stay Motivated Trainers Manual

The 100 Ways to Stay Motivated Trainer’s Manual is for the team leader overseeing a group enrolled on Grant Cardone's 100 Ways to Stay Motivated program. This manual licenses a manager or supervisor to guide a team through this cutting edge, motivational regimen workbook and put the concepts into immediate action for instantaneous results! The manual provides the answers to the workbook questions and exercises and and inspires further discussion and drilling options with your team. You’ll have all you need to make sure your team is and continues to be motivated.

Grant Cardone’s unique style grabs your attention and give you that extra jolt needed to keep you focused on the bigger picture. Your goals and dreams sometimes get shelved when other responsibilities and obligations seep into your day. When this happens we lose our motivation and feel wiped out. 100 Ways To Stay Motivated is a program that helps you add actionable motivation into your day. You listen and you take action!