Producing GREEN

Green pastures are green because someone committed to them.
If you think ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, you may want to instead consider that you haven’t fully committed to taking care of what you already have. This ‘greener-pastures’ phenomenon is caused by those seeing other opportunities as better because he lacks commitment to the present opportunity.

Where you lack commitment you will exhibit:
1) laziness
2) poor results
3) excuses

Commit to learning everything you can about what you are doing now, improve yourself just a little bit each

day and watch how how fast you get green shoots producing around you.

Committing all the way produces results like Miracle Grow—almost immediately you will notice a difference between going all in 100% versus going in any less than 100%.

The Magic of Commitment.
At age 25, I had been in and out of sales or 5 years and realized that I was still looking for another career. I had never fully committed. Why? Because I was average at best as a sales person and at times I was just lousy. The green wasn’t being produced because I wasn’t committed, because I wasn’t committed, I wasn’t generating results. Because I wasn’t getting results, I did not like my job.

Be committed to taking care of your pastures and your opportunities.
Commit at a higher level and produce green pastures.
Remember even if the grass is greener over there it still has to be cared for.

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