Produce Until You Get Results

Real work is not a task, it is when you accomplish something!Ever feel like you never get enough out a day or even in life? It’s because you haven’t done enough for the day! Most people don’t like their work because they don’t produce enough.

Let’s face it, production makes you feel good.
It almost doesn’t matter what you’re producing just so long as you’re doing something constructive. Decide what to produce, what results you want and produce it in massive quantities until you get the results you want. This will put you in the winning position in life!

If you want to guarantee X, take massive amounts of action that will achieve X in abundance. Your new problem will no longer be how to achieve an abundance of X, rather, how to manage the abundance of X. When you’ve reached new problems, it is a clear sign that you are starting to take enough action.  Most people stop short of this and is why they are not passionate about their work.

Throw a pebble in a pond and it creates a ripple. Pound the pond with mortar round after mortar round and then follow up with more mortar rounds and you’ll change the shape of the pond!

In the sales arena, massive action will get the attention of your customer.  Massive Action is like a stairway to heaven where the sales gods will praise you with trophies, trips, rewards and the guarantee of new levels of income!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are working too hard, because you are not. No one ever died of working too hard! The people that tell you this kind of nonsense aren’t working hard enough themselves. They’ve given into mediocrity and are now trying to find someone to comfort them.

Don’t quit taking action until your production is creating results!

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