People Build Your Business

Top 50 Traits of Great Sales People #33: Great sales people are obsessed with building a clientele that will take care of them and their company for years.


I would rather have one person come to me ten times over and over again, than to have ten people do business with me once. While it may seem like the same number of sales, I know that the one guy who keeps coming back to me, is giving me way more business in a much shorter amount of time.

If I have to spend 45 minutes on each demonstration for each new client, then a good portion of that time is spent on the client learning to trust me. But if I get someone who comes in repeatedly, because he already knows me, then I don’t have to spend time gaining their trust—I already have it. This makes my sales cycle shorter and with a shorter sales cycle, I can close more customers faster. That means more sales in the same amount of time.

I have a client that I have been working with since the beginning of my career in sales training. When I first met with him, he wasn’t the biggest name or the biggest fish in the pond, but I serviced him like he was a millionaire. As time has gone on, he has continued to come back to me and buy from me. Even when he did become a millionaire, he kept coming back to me and I know that if I were to go through my accounts, I would find that he’s given me way more money over the years than I got from any one single source.

I know that he also continues to tell people about my products and services, which means that there’s so much more business he’s given me that I don’t even know about.

If I can create a business based on those types of people, I know that I am not only growing my business now, but in years and decades from now, I will continue to prosper.

Do you have any clients that you have sold continuously over the years?

Who’s someone that you could go back to and get them to buy from you again?

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