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"After being on Cardone University only 2 weeks, I was able to bring back a client that will be worth $60,000 to me this year.” - Adam Schroeder

"Grant explaining how to always accept responsibility for every objection & complaint has made such a difference for my business when speaking to customers.” - Mario Teruel

"Grant’s step by step guide on how to build your own script is priceless. That part alone made a big increase for me financially. The money I paid for this program I got back in less than 1 week." - Ken Leddy

"Grant Cardone is the Master of selling on the phone and the content in this University really shows what it takes to become a killer in phone sales. 4 months into the program I have more skills, more prospects and more cash!” - Anton Casares

"My game just blow up by 10X. Thanks Grant, it’s safe to say you just revived my entire future with this program!!!" - Robert Howes

"ABSOLUTE BEST closing material on the planet! I missed so many opportunties presenting deals but not showing the contract. After just a few days on this material I closed the biggest deal I have ever closed in my life. I cannot thank you enough Uncle G." - Elizabeth Spencer

”I doubled my income after less than 3 months of using this programs daily! I should have done this long time ago.” - Alex Costa

"Your attitude is everything!! These videos got my head right when I needed it. Grant will change the entire trajectory of your day with this program. Thanks G!" - Joseph Shaw

“In the last 10 days, I’ve made more money than all of last month. Grant helped me see the bigger picture on how to become successful in all aspects of life.” - Robin Bull