There’s something I’m so fired up about, I’ve just got to take it up with you this week…because it might be costing you money.

Have you ever tried to connect with someone only to get one of those automatic “out of office responses?” This drives me nuts. I’m always traveling somewhere “out of office” whether it’s business related or not. No matter where I may roam and for what purpose, I always make sure I am always accessible and open for opportunities. Not doing this costs you money!

I am sure that many of you reading this right now have used the “out of office” automated reply. “Hi, I’ll be out of the office returning on the 23rd. I won’t have access to email or phone traveling on vacation and out of the country. Have a great week and I will connect with you upon my return.” This is crazy! No one should ever announce they are ever closed off to opportunities. They should be doing Whatever It Takes to be open for business no matter what.

Look I understand, I am a father and a husband and there are plenty of times when I’m in 10X mode giving full attention to my family. However, business is still being handled. Tweets are coming, Facebook posts are going out, and calls, texts and emails are coming in. People who are trying to reach me have no idea that I’m on the floor coloring and playing with my young daughters or away with my wife. I’m still always connected.

Look, we live in a 24/7 world. You can resist this reality all you want and join the rest of those seeking comfort, but then how will you ever achieve true freedom? Do you think the mega successful people like Marc Cuban, Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Howard Schultz are announcing any breaks from the business action? NO! They’re in the game, baby. So even if you are going to be “out of the office” always be open for business, accessible and ready to do Whatever It Takes to satisfy customers, close deals and connect with others.

I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for this. Understand that I am not telling you to neglect your health or your family and become some workaholic. I’m telling you to adopt a 10X, Whatever It Takes mentality so that all areas of your life are operating at high levels simultaneously.

Some tips:

  1. Always be available for opportunity even when physically “out of office.”
  2. Be sure colleagues or assistants are able to handle calls and relay messages to you quickly.
  3. Plan your day so you are able to check in and remain aware of what’s going on.
  4. Commit to saying YES! Be open to every opportunity! You can always decide to pass after you have the facts.

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Remember, do Whatever It Takes to create true freedom for yourself and your family so you can be “out of office” whenever you damn well want to be.

Be Great! Nothing else pays.


  • Grant Cardone says:

    That’s right Jenn!

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Awesome man!

  • Sam M says:

    I am off work today after stuffing my back on the weekend. I’m in agony but still taking 3-4 calls an hour and averaging about 6 emails an hour. It’s actually a natural pain killer… focuses my attention on work, not the pain. And means that when I get to the office I will be up to date. Go massive or go passive…

  • Jefferson says:

    I use Out of Office to let my contacts know that I WILL return their call/email…but not as fast as they are accustomed to. My replies are USUALLY instant, but when I am OOO it may take me an hour (driving, wont use my phone) to reply. Customers appreciate knowing that I AM working on their project in the meanwhile….

  • Jenn Ryan says:

    Great article! Why wouldn’t you want to be snatching up every possible communication that comes in for you, anyway? Communication= control over your future!

  • Jose Duenas says:

    If you are a business owner should always be open, Now days everybody has their email with in reach (phone), No Excuses. even if you are not available they dont need to know. 10xLife

  • Sean Gallagher says:

    I feel the same way about people using those no-reply to email addresses in their email campaigns. That’s crazy! They’re stopping people from legibility contacting them about their service or products. I use to do that (use the no-reply to address on email campaigns) then I realized I was stopping communication coming to me. So I started using a real email address and wouldn’t you know it!

    I’ve actually had people relying back to my email newsletters that wanted my service and would have never reached me if I had a no-reply to address. I closed several clients directly emailing me back the week I removed the no-reply to email address.

    You should think with making sure your communication lines are open!

  • Milan Vuk Stankovic says:

    I use “out of office” only for those people who bother me too much and waste my time.

  • Gustavo says:

    I’m at a Tradeshow right now in Vegas you think I used that notification? Hell no! I take double the action. That’s why Mobile devises like phone tablets were invented, to light it up on fire!

  • Vasili says:

    Jeez…Thanks For That Grant – I do that all the Time – Its Crap…I fully agree. Thanks for the insight.

  • Wouter Garot says:

    Thank you for the acknowledgement. I got critized for NOT doing it.

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