One Little Trick That Changed My Life

What’s the difference between success and failure, or even just the difference between success and mediocrity? Oftentimes it’s just one single habit in your life. What’s that one simple change you can make to help put you over the top and reach your goals this month? Today, I want to share with you one simple change I made in my life at the age of 25 that changed my life forever.

So, what is my secret? You may or may not like to hear the truth—but here it is:


I quit doing weekends the way 99% of society does them.



Instead of partying, relaxing, and kicking back, I got my hustle on and worked. This one habit saved me millions of dollars. How much more money could you make if you quit doing weekends the way you’re doing them?

There are times and places for a relaxing weekend, but listen, pick your time and place. Just because your job is Monday to Friday 9 to 5 doesn’t mean you are required to take 48 hours off at the end of every week getting nothing accomplished before starting work again Monday morning.

And let’s be real: if your money isn’t yet right, you shouldn’t be taking every weekend off. Sacrifice something for a little success.  It’s OK to sacrifice fun today for freedom tomorrow. I sacrifice every day, doing the things I might not want to do, but doing them anyway for a better future.

Watch this short video and let me know what you think about this in the comments below. If you want more freedom in your life—enough to sacrifice something—then I want you at the upcoming 10X Growth Conference. You will benefit from the amazing speakers at the event, the networking with other attendees, and all of the amazing power that will fill that arena for 4 days… because you are ready.

Be Great,


  • Mike Searles says:

    True! I get some of my best results from wise use of week-ends…

  • Samson Adepitan says:

    I use my weekend to clear my table of outstanding work in progress and plot my strategy for the coming week. i simplify the plan and strategy too.

  • Brock says:

    Thanks, Uncle G!
    I’m new to your stuff and you’ve turned my world upside down, the the greatest of ways. Your book BOBA resonated with me and gave me the permission to F’N go for it! I’ve never felt like I fit in, because I’ve always wanted more and couldn’t understand how everyone justified their mediocre existence. Until recently, I’veI allowed society (mostly my wife) to diminish and discount my dreams. NO MORE!!! Today, I read my presentation script 15 x’s, and watched 2 segments from “Playbook”.
    GC, Your legacy will live on, loooooooooong after you’re gone. The money you charge or your content is NOTHING compared to the value delivered and this FREE article above is proof of it. You’ve change my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Lani says:

    I totally get the rise and grind philosophy, i also think it is wise to rest one day, plan,strategize,regroup,focus on family,Spiritual health&filling up etc. Since joining wfg ive been running on this new adventure since July and this week my body was tired&fighting cold&hurting some, i rested with children this weekend it felt Awesome but bit foreign being so busy. So it’s great idea to take one day for rest but the others grind away I say! ?

  • Jimmy says:

    I like every thing your saying, you are a huge inspiration to me.

  • Dan Dalberg says:

    Great video. Once again, Grant knocks ’em out. He has his finger on the pulse of American business. Has the ability to talk about what everyone else is thinking, enabling others to be successful. Great leadership by example!

  • Jorge says:

    Dear G.C. if you read this, I am really proud to be one of the fews that comment and express themselves. I am a Venezuelan entrepreneur, English and Italian instructor trying to accomplish big goals in the shortest time possible. I am 25 years old but I am living like I am going to die tomorrow. First of all, thank you for all your G.C Tip of the Day, I created a specific place for you in my mailbox in order to prioritize all your content. Now, after reading this post I have to say that I agree with you, even though I also believe that we need to balance all aspects in our lives: work, family, body health, mind health and any other that we believe is important to us. I did not see the video because my internet connection is really bad, Venezuela is well known for having the worst internet conection of all SouthAmerica. Anyways, thanks for inspiring people like me to get up everyday believing that we can change, step by step, everything to better.

  • Miles Cobbett says:

    Grant Cardone Knocks it out of the park again! I love your ‘always be looking for…’ "Who’s got my money? Attitude Grant. Thanks again for yet another reminder to double, triple, or even better yet to 10 X my Hustle and to Power-Up, or as Uncle Fester used to say, “Up the Voltage!” in my daily 14-16 hours work a day, for ALL 7 days a week, every week… Miles Cobbett, Author

  • Kenneth Paolo C. Areo says:

    Sad how many people don’t like the Idea of working everyday even though they don’t have enough. This should be a norm since people complain a lot of how sh**ty their jobs are, but they aren’t just working hard enough, they aren’t obsessed enough to complain about how hard their life is. Although I haven’t much, but I do believe working too much will save you and others from current to future financial crisis.

    Always again, thanks for everything to Uncle G and your team, making us be inspired 🙂 And Keeping It Real in Real Estate 😀

  • Abhie Teja says:

    Thank you Uncle G! Your 10X Rule book is one of my wake up calls in my life. I was poor in academics and from a middle class family from India. You really inspired me with #BOBA. Now I’m doing whatever it takes to come to America and realize my dreams.


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