Never Trust One Flow

The most successful people use multiple flows of income to create financial freedom. Warren Buffet doesn’t have one investment or even one company. He depends on many. Successful salespeople should never depend on one appointment, a few customers or just one product line. I talk about this extensively in The 10X Rule which, by the way, just this week, hit the top 10 list of books to read on Listly.

People fail in finance and in business because they depend on too few flows. A guy works his whole life depending on one salary and never creates other flows until too late in his life. People also fail in business for the very same reason – not enough flows to ensure success in business. This is when you become too dependent on one or two product lines or too few customers. Salespeople fail because they only have one appointment and limited number of ancillary products to sell to their customers.

The most common mistake made when creating multiple flows of income is walking away from the current one.

Building financial freedom, a successful business or a great sales career all require multiple flows of income and opportunities. Before you quit your job and join a multi-level marketing company there are a few things you need to know.

The most common mistake made when creating multiple flows of income is walking away from the current one. The next most common mistake is moving to secondary flows of money or customers that are NOT similar to the first.

Never turn your back on the primary flows until the latter flows are so strong that nothing can possibly destroy or erode them. The same thing holds true when growing your customer base – never turn your back on your main customers.

When I was 25 years old, I was a successful automobile salesperson that wanted to increase my income flows. I got involved with a multi-level marketing company and failed at it because it required me to shift attention from my main job that was paying my bills. It’s hard to show up for the multi-level meeting at 7pm when I had a customer that wanted to buy a car at the same time.


The solution was to move to similar products or flows similar to the main thing I was already doing. I started to learn about other products that I could add to a car purchase and/or sell to people who weren’t interested in buying a new car but in enhancing their existing one.

Create multiple flows to ensure your success and when expanding, start with things that are similar. If you want more appointments to show up, then don’t depend on one appointment but back them up three deep all at the same time. This will create a new problem when they all show up on time. It’s always better to have too many appointments.

The Rules for creating multiple flows:

  1. Never depend on one flow.
  2. Never turn your back on the main flow you have.
  3. When moving to multiple flows go similar first.

I’m working on a full article on creating multiple flows of income. For more information on this, call my office.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

  • Rui Marques says:

    Excellent post! Spot on and very helpful. Love it – Thanks Grant.

  • Mark Andres says:

    Great explanation on having multiple flows of income. Looking to join a network marketing company in the next week and working to replace my current income! Thank you and also purchased your 10x book!

  • Grant Cardone says:

    You’re welcome Rui!

  • Scott Tregurtha says:

    You bet! And as you spell out in your works, do it and get the reward, or don’t do it and stay broke. And I gotta tell myself that every day but it works!

  • Phil Koreis says:

    There must be a method to “use the green” without “losing the green”. Interested in learning how to “Keep-Grow-Use-Never Lose” THE GREEN?

  • paul gasper says:

    Fantastic idea !

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Be great nothing else pays off

  • Joel Wolhendler says:

    Dude I spread this article to everyone I know. Today one income does not cut it. Talk to you soon

  • Grant Cardone says:

    thanks a lot for following here

  • Grant Cardone says:

    spinning plates is work

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Get it bro –

  • Richard says:

    That one about moving to multiple flows on a “similar first” basis got me to laughing about why it was so hard to be a roadside carpet salesman on Friday-Saturday-Sunday and a tile contractor every other day but then including Friday-Saturday-Sunday….

  • Kelvin Dorsey says:

    Heed this advice! All ya eggs in one basket….been there done that. It HURTS!!! Solid gold advice Mr Cardone!

  • Grant Cardone says:


  • Scott Tregurtha says:

    Right on Grant and many thanks! I always knew that but procrastinated but am now in progress on it. And I gotta tell ya, the excitement that comes from it is the best immediate gratification I ever had, let alone the real financial success to follow. Better than drugs! ( – : Combine this multi-flow philosophy w/ 10X Rule and ya got it made!!!

  • Anthony Conklin says:

    Nice! – I have 2 – working on 3 – as always thanks!

  • Ankit Jha says:

    Awesome post Grant. I love the way you have explained. Thank you for sharing!

  • Joel Wolhendler says:

    Right on Grant! Been doing that myself recently and just kicking myself that I have not done it earlier.

  • cecio says:

    Ballin aint cheap grant

  • ajames123 says:

    Awesome post!

  • Grant Cardone says:


  • Roger Ma says:

    Great post Grant! 10x!

  • T. Lavon Lawrence says:

    Absolutely wonderful post. Love the graphic.

  • Piet says:

    Thank you very much Grant. You are an inspiration and an absolute well of knowledge. This was an awesome read.

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