Never Settle for Good When You Can Be Great

Do you want to be more motivated? Quit settling for good. Never settle for good when you can be great.

And all of us, each of us, can be great. Anyone can be. Every day I strive for how can I be great. How can I be GREAT, not good? How can I have a great marriage not a good marriage?

It doesn’t mean I am going to succeed today. It doesn’t even mean I am going to be good at it today. But I am going for great everyday, and I’ve got to keep that in front of my face. You know the old saying, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.”

If you think good is your target, you might end up with less than good. If you think great is the target, good you will attain. And then you’ll be dissatisfied when you don’t get great. And I am going to tell you something; not being satisfied is actually a motivator. But not when you are going for good. When you’re going for good you end up with what? You get something less than good or maybe good.

You’re saying, “Oh I was good, yeah I did good, yeah we did good.” Nobody knows anything happened right? That’s because nobody reports on good. They report on what? “Great.”

If you’re going to get into an accident, you want a good accident or a great accident? You see? If you are going to make some bank, good bank or great bank? If you’re going to make the news, good news or great news? If you’re going to have a marriage and you’re going to be married to the same person for what 30, 40, 50 years, do you want a good marriage or a great marriage?

It’s all up to you. Just make a decision. What’s your target, good or great? Look, don’t settle for good when you can be great.

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