Many of you saw and signed up for my 7 Sales Secrets free webinar last week. The turnout was overwhelming. I will be doing another one very soon. In the interim, I am grateful to everyone who registered and want to be sure you ALL get one of the tips I shared in the webinar.

My 7 Sales Secrets webinar was over 3 hours long and on it I shared over 10 Secrets not just seven. Over the next 10 weeks I will share the entire list ​of Sales Secrets ​with you.

The first sales secret I shared was dealing with rejection. MRI studies have shown that rejection is so agonizing for some, they actually experience physical pain. Eighty-seven percent of all salespeople miss their quotas, so if you don’t teach them how to handle this experience, they will probably quit.  This might be the reason for high turnover in sales.

After 30 years of studying sales, salespeople and sales organizations I have been asked hundreds of times about this phenomenon.

The actual cause of rejection is not what you think. Rejection is experienced by those who are too dependent upon too few outcomes. You experience a sense of loss and then incorrectly target that one customer who let you down. In reality, the issue is that you don’t have enough prospects.

When you experience rejection it is because you have become aware that your business model is broken and you do not have enough prospects in your pipeline. The solution is to have so much going on that no one disappointment can disappoint you any longer.


This is the first lesson you must teach your sales team. Stay busy and always keep that pipeline full.

Tired of missing your quota? Tired of being too dependent upon too few customers?  Tired of feeling rejection? Tired of watching your sales team miss their quotas, lose deals, and give up profits?

Call my office now 310-777-0255 and have one of my coaches show you how we can increase your sales 15% within one month.


The Cardone University platform covers:

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Let’s get you started today on reaching your full potential.


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