Message to Barack Obama from TurnAround King

Recently Mr. Obama delivered a speech in Kansas that can hurt your company and your people. In his speech he says, “now is the make or break time for the middle class. Everyone needs to have their fair share.”

My message to you, Mr. Obama and all of us in America is- Every morning that you wake up is your fair shot and we are each responsible for getting our own share. Neither Mr. Obama, Congress, nor any government official is going to help you. I work 18 hours a day to ensure my family’s well being. Should I have the same success as a man who works 8 hours a day, and only works to work?

No and neither should you. Mr. Obama is suggesting we should all have the same drive and ambitions and goals and we do not!  Everyone has their shot at abundance. The American dream is alive; it is the American dreamer that is being killed with messages like these.

So take matters into your own hands and your own work.

Don’t wait for some one else to take care of you and please take the time to share this video message with your friends and associates.

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