Make Success an Ethical Issue

Many people hear me say that success is your duty, obligation and responsibility. Add to that your moral and ethical code that speaks to your purpose. Understand that it is not ethical to be unsuccessful, to not have money and to not get your products and services into the marketplace.

I don’t think of money and success separately. Real ethical success means I am earning money and doing the right things with it. I’m using money to take care of my family and to reinvest in my business to further my mission to help others accomplish their goals.

So I suggest that you stop looking at success as a dollar amount and instead, tie your success to your own personal moral and ethical code. This will fuel you.

You know what you are capable of. Dig deep and get real on what you have to offer and where you may be easing up. Hit the gas and tie your drive and ambition to your own mission and purpose. Maybe it’s to provide for your parents, your family, or to donate to a charity you are passionate about. Find a bigger ethical mission and tie success to that.

When you are ethically driven instead of financially driven, you will see a shift in your level of motivation, commitment, productivity and reward.

Be great.

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