Make Quality Time for Your Family Everyday

Make quality time for your family everyday. Not every once in awhile, everyday. Make the time. You know, I remember when we had our first baby at my house. I was like, OK what am I going to do to make quality time here? I had my schedule. I had been working this routine out for 50 years. Now, all of a sudden I have this baby, and I’ve got to figure out some time for this kid.
I am not talking about my wife now, and I am not talking about my business. I am talking about this new little infant that was born. So I am like, OK, what do I have to do? Oh, I know what I am going to do. I am going to get up an hour earlier than I normally would. I am going to work it out with her routine, when she gets up, and I am going to have quality time with that little girl.

We had another little girl 3 years later. Now, I’ve got to figure this out with her. Look, you’ve got to figure it out and that’s why I am telling you don’t manage time; control time. Get it all done. Don’t get pieces and parts of it done.

I know too many people that have money, but no quality life with their family. I know people that have a lot of quality time with their family, and they don’t have the money. You don’t want that. You want it all right?

So how do you get that? Decide to make quality time for your family everyday, for all the different individuals in that family. Maybe for you it includes a mom, a dad, and brothers. I’ve got to literally put it on my calendar. When am I going to call my sister, my twin brother? When am I going to talk to my cousin that I haven’t seen in years?

Because if I don’t do it; if I don’t have it on my calendar, if I haven’t made a commitment to make quality time for my family and extended family. If I can’t do that for them, then I guarantee you, it is going to fall off with my clients, my customers, my dreams, myself.

Make quality time for your family. Put it on there everyday that you are going to make contact with one of those people. Because trust me, and I know a lot about this, there’s going to be a day when you can’t share quality time with some of your family members.

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