Love for Sale

Sell your company and sell yourself… The most important sale you will ever make is the one you make to yourself. What assets are you and your company bringing to the marketplace that differentiates you from all the rest? What can you offer your client that no one else can touch? What makes you the best person to do business with?

Here’s a little secret, if you don’t know then neither will anyone else. Sell yourself by knowing what there is to love about you and your company. That’s right L-O-V-E. Strong word? Yes, but you’re going to find it necessary in this real economy especially when things get even tougher. And it looks like they will get tougher before they get better.

So what is there to love about you and your company? What can you personally offer your client? List the things that differentiate you and what you are going to do to make this known. Go a step further now and expand your awareness by taking a hard look at what needs to be worked on. Don’t take this personal or to heart. Self improvement and training is something we all need to commit to at a higher level. I have studied the very best in a variety of professions and found all of them to be completely dedicated to and disciplined about this.

Next, how much do you “love” your client? Are you 100% committed to their complete satisfaction? Are you willing to get a rule or two bent to keep them happy and loyal? Are you willing to do the little things that add up to something big – like sending them a card on their birthday – to continue building the relationship even after the transaction is completed?

Your competition is everywhere. If you don’t think so do a quick search of your product or service on the internet. But in a machine age, a professional with a fan base of clients and customers that loves him and is a reflection of his love for them will find himself with more business than he can handle despite any of the cheaper or more convenient “impersonal” options.

Get sold on yourself.

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