Life’s Challenges

I was recently going through some challenges in my life and wanted to share with you how I get through them as I am certain you have experienced similar situations in your own life.
“Challenge” is defined as a demanding or stimulating situation. Based on that it seems to me that all of life is basically a series of challenges. How you and I get through life’s challenges will define who we are. Some challenges are small and barely get your attention while others are larger and more annoying, taking time and energy to handle. Then there is the other level that consumes almost all of our attention as a looming threat over the things we value the most.

My mother, who experienced more than her share of monster challenges, used to tell me “When you are going through hell just don’t stop.” I have always relied on this advice when being pushed to the brink, reminding myself “just don’t stop, keep moving forward and sooner or later you will get to the other side of this.”

It also has been comforting to me to realize that the challenges in life are opportunities for us to rise to the occasion and fulfill our true potential. It is only when we are truly challenged that many of us take a real honest look at our lives, how they might not be optimal and then make changes necessary to have the lives we want and deserve.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, it is when we successfully survive the serious challenges of life that we somehow come out the other side with greater confidence, somehow better for it all. There have been at least a half dozen times in my life when I was challenged to the point that I thought my very existence was threatened. Each left me more aware, more motivated, hungrier and tougher.

Finally, when you get hit with “Life’s Challenges:”

  1. Keep moving forward no matter what
  2. Decide to come out a winner
  3. Learn from the challenge
  4. Remind yourself to be grateful

No one, regardless of his or her situation is immune to the challenges of life. The more you play the game of life and business the more likely you are to experience a serious challenge in life. The bigger the game you play, the bigger the challenges.

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