Let People Know You Are Unique by Your Actions

Be unique, let people know you are unique by your actions not by your tricks.

Ask yourself, what actions are you taking that set you apart from everyone else? Look, you don’t have to do things like dress completely freaked out to get people’s attention. That is a gimmick. Anything I can do in the marketplace that will set me apart from others is going to motivate me because it connects me into my creativity and I don’t want to be like everyone else – I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. I want that value-add component, that unique advantage, that thing that makes people say, “you know that guy is a little different.” Think about when you were on a date and you really wanted to impress that person; you probably tried to think of something you could do that was unique. Maybe when you got married or when something really meant something and you were just fascinated thinking, “I’ve got to have this, I’ve got to figure this out” and you started coming up with unique actions.  Look, you will be more motivated when you start thinking in terms of how you can set yourself apart by your actions and be unique in the marketplace.

Write down ways that you are going to be unique and start doing these things. I guarantee it will jack you up!

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