Be Your Version of James Bond

When I was young, I watched James Bond.

I thought to myself, that’s the guy I want to be.

Cardone. Grant Cardone.

But in our society you can’t tell people you want to be James Bond.

You can’t tell people you want to be rich.

You can’t tell people you want your face to be on the side of a bus.


People will call you arrogant, tell you it’s too much—that it’s not necessary.

People will tell you to settle down, don’t aim too high, just be normal.

Sorry—I don’t want an average life.

As a young man, I saw James Bond with cool weapons, great suits, and attractive women.

I also saw he was in charge, willing to disregard authority to do the right thing and be more dangerous than the bad guys.

But as a young man, what really made me aspire to be like James Bond?

10x life

Here are 4 Qualities 007 has that you too should have:

#1 Confidence

Bond knows who he is and what he can do. He has courage and takes risks. Nobody who ever makes it big in anything avoids risk.

But to tackle your fears, it takes being assertive. You must be decisive that you’re going to take action in a situation, not sit back and be passive.

As I say in The 10X Rule, go massive or go passive! Confident people take action, usually 10X action to make sure the job gets done.

#2 Self-Control

Bond does what he says he’ll do. He keeps calm during drama. He doesn’t crack under pressure.

This takes a certain level of self-control, something most people in our society lack.

You don’t see Bond wasting his weekends. He doesn’t over-indulge. You know just by seeing him in action that he lives a disciplined life.

Being disciplined and having self-control is usually one key trait that separates the successful from the failures in life.

#3 Physically Fit

Bond has a good build. He’s muscular. He takes care of himself.

No boy ever said to himself that he wants to be a wimp, to be out of shape, to be soft…right?

While being fit, 007 is good in hand to hand combat as well. He knows how to handle weapons.

In short, he’s prepared. When danger comes, he can physically handle it! You too need to be ready, to take responsibility for your surroundings.

#4 Great Wardrobe

Bond dresses nice. You don’t see him in sweat pants, he’s busting out suits, collared shirts, and well-fitting trousers.

A stylish, quality wardrobe goes a long way in how you’re perceived. A flashy car like an Aston-Martin certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Like it or not, people will take you more serious if you step it up a notch with how you present yourself.

These 007 Traits are GOOD for your life and business.

Be confident, be self-controlled, get physically fit, and give yourself a great wardrobe to choose from each morning.

You’ll feel better about YOU and you’ll become more productive in life—and you’ll increase your income.

Be great,


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