Is Money Everything?

When you approach success as your duty, you have a higher purpose than just money. You’ll give more than is expected and create rituals that put you in charge. Don’t approach success as an option. Most people I meet don’t have the two connected—success and duty. They have success connected with “maybe” or “whatever” or “I hope I get lucky”. You have to connect the idea of success as a duty, an obligation, and a responsibility. Let the other 7 billion people go about wandering around planet Earth wishing, hoping, and praying that they might be successful.

I didn’t get this until I was about 40 years old, but you have to hook up success as your duty. I didn’t understand for a long time that to be successful was my duty—as a husband, a father, or a businessman. You have a duty to create success so that you can have the things you want, create the things you want, and start depending on the future and other people will start looking at you as a model of what success is.

When I talk about success I’m not talking just about money or a trophy. Just like you have to take the trash out, clean your desk up, or brush your teeth, you need to make success your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Make success no longer an option, something that you don’t just cross your fingers for. 

Here are 3 ways to be successful:

1) Approach success as an ethical issue, not a financial one—Take the idea that success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility, and add that it is also an ethical issue, not a financial one. It’s a moral code, not a financially driven decision. I don’t think about money and success separately. I think about success, and that all success will naturally involve having money. I’m taking care of my family, growing my business, and making myself known—it’s my ethical obligation.

It’s not ethical to be unsuccessful. It’s not ethical to not have money. It’s not ethical to not get your product or service into the marketplace. Tie your success to some moral sense. You know what you are capable of and you know what your product or service is—so tie it together and make success your duty. Be ethically driven and you will be more motivated.

2) Be the most ethical person you know—I’m not talking about cash register honesty here. Nor am I talking about you going to church once a week and the rest of the week doing whatever you want. I’m talking about ethics, of you being the example to others of the most ethical person you know. That doesn’t mean you are just honest Joe or honest Jane and you tell everyone the truth and you’re just the most honest person on planet Earth. I’m talking about real ethics, and for me, that means getting the job done.

I have to go produce in the marketplace, not just be honest. Just because you are honest about everything doesn’t mean you get the job done. That’s not ethical. Be honest, but be the most ethical person you know. Be the person who doesn’t lie to people but also who gets things done.

3) Never settle for good when you can be great—All of us can be great. Every day I strive for greatness. How can I have a great marriage, not just a good marriage? It doesn’t mean I’m going to succeed at it today, and it doesn’t even me I’m going to be good at it today—but I’m going for great. If good is your target you might end up with less than good. If great is the target, good you will attain.

Nobody reports on good. If you’re going to get in an accident, do you want to be in a good accident or a great accident? If you’re going to make some bank, do you want to make good bank or great bank? If you’re going to make the news, good news or great news? Don’t settle!

Remember on your way to success that if you are motivated by money, if you love money, I’m all for that—that’s a great thing and I think everyone should have more money than they have. That includes me. But you need a higher purpose than that. What is the thing that you want money for? Do you want a big house? Why do you want that big house?

Look for the higher purpose. Don’t get lost in the number, whether it be 10 or 50 million, your purpose goes way beyond, way deeper than just money. Have a higher purpose than just money and you’ll find your potential.

Come to 10X Growth Conference 2018 and I guarantee you will come away with a higher purpose than just money. Here is the agenda:

Be great,


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