Is Grant Cardone a Billionaire 

I know the questions are going to be asked, is Grant Cardone a billionaire?  


What is Grant Cardone’s actual net worth?

How did Grant Cardone make his money? 

How much money does Grant Cardone make a year? 

How does Grant Cardone make his money? 

When did Grant Cardone become a millionaire? 

When did Grant Cardone become a billionaire?

Then they even ask, “How tall is Grant Cardone”?


Is Grant Cardone A Billionaire


Rather than others, who have no idea, guess about my net worth, I thought I would cover it myself and dispel any nonsense out there suggesting that I am or I am not a billionaire.


When Discovery Channel asked me to do the show Undercover Billionaire, the first thing I had to handle with them was this issue of my status as a billionaire. 


Depending on whose billionaire definition one might use to determine the status, for example Forbes lists assets minus liabilities, assets under management, company valuations based on multiples of earnings or sales, valuation of the companies & real estate based on performance standards you will get different calculations based on varying assumptions.


Back to the question whether or not I am a billionaire?  Well, I am Discovery Channels’, Undercover Billionaire, to be exact.  


If you haven’t heard about Discovery Channel’s hot new Entrepreneur show, this is season two of Undercover Billionaire.  In the first season,  mortgage king, Glenn Stearns goes undercover in Erie Pa, and tries to turn $100 into a million dollar business in ninety days.  

Is Grant Cardone a Billionaire 

While I despise reality TV because most of  it is not reality, I was impressed with the concept of this show because it seemed so real. When Aengus James, CEO of TIJAT,  the production company responsible for producing Season 1 reached out to me and said, “We want you to do Season Two of Undercover Billionaire.  He asked me 2 questions…. “Do you think you could build a million dollar business in ninety days?”

Second question, “Would you be willing to bet one million dollars on yourself?”


Aengus, laid it out like this…..The premise of the show is super entrepreneur, Grant Cardone, is removed from his posh lifestyle, dropped off in a city he’s never been to, separated from his cash, credit cards, contacts,  family, shelter, food and water, and he can’t use his real name or any of his 13 million social media followers. 


After Discovery takes away my “billions of dollars” in resources, all I have left is a junk truck, a phone, and $100 in cash. But unbeknownst to the production company and Discovery I still had my 8 most valuable assets, super-powers, which are responsible for all my success and my net worth. 


I call these the 8 C’s; Courage, Commitment, Communication, Confidence, Conviction, Consistency, Calculation and Competitiveness.  These are the assets a person must develop to create whatever it is they desire.  Once you develop the 8 C’s, no one can take them from you. As long as you use them they never expire, they never depreciate, and the government can’t tax them. 


Whether it’s Elon, Jobs, Bezos, Buffett, Oprah, or Jay Z, while they’re all in different industries and have accomplished different things, each of these billionaires have perfected not one but all the 8 C’s. 


  1. Courage – the ability to take action despite fear.
  2. Commitment – dedicated to see a task through to a certain outcome.
  3. Communicate – able to convey one’s ideas, invoking understanding.
  4. Confidence – feeling you can rely on someone or something, have firm trust in.
  5. Conviction – quality of showing certainty, firmly held belief or opinion.
  6. Consistency – acting or doing something in the same way over time. 
  7. Calculation – assessment of risk or effects of situation or course of action.
  8. Competitiveness – having a desire to be more successful than others.


Rate yourself on each of these on a scale from one to ten, with ten being a perfect score. Get them all close to ten and you will be unstoppable. 


Join me for a FREE coaching program and I will show you how to grow your Super Powers and ensure 2021 is your best year ever.  


When I started the Undercover Billionaire challenge I was overwhelmed with fear and doubt. I wanted to quit almost every day. The thing that got me through was remembering as long as I had my 8 C’s I would make it.  


 I had to remind myself stuff outside of me doesn’t make me, the stuff inside of me does.  Everyone has the 8 C’s, most just don’t develop or use them. 


Wake up and develop these 8 characteristics and then exercise them every day and I know you YOU can achieve the impossible.  Maybe you’ll even become a billionaire. I can tell you with confidence at a minimum, you will never be broke. 


Join me January 6 on Discovery Channel to watch me put my 8 C’s into play.  You can watch me try to turn $100 into a $1 million business. 😉  If you want to do more than just watch me, join the FREE Coaching to start your year and I will personally coach to you on how to ensure 2021 is your best year ever. 

Is Grant Cardone a Billionaire 

Now back to the question, is Grant Cardone a billionaire?  Hmmmmm.


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