How You Can Stay Positive

Surround yourself with positive reminders.

If you study the people that are really, really great, those that are just excelling at a different level, that are excited all the time, you will find that they literally create their own environments.

For example, I have all these little signs: “You are Greatness,” “No Negativity Allowed Here,” “Only Positivity Allowed and “Greatness Doesn’t Come Without Training.” And somebody said to me, “Oh, you’re always coming up with these little gimmicks to sell people.” I replied, “Dude, these gimmicks are for me, they’re not for you.”

I want to control my environment. I don’t just want to walk into an environment and have blank space on the wall. I want to walk in and know what I have.

If I walk into your office what do I see? I see pictures of your kids, right? I see a dog. I see stuff that makes you feel good. Or maybe I see this. A couple of pictures of your kids that are outdated, they’re old, 3 or 5 years old. Or it happened 17 years ago and you got a picture of your little kid 17 years ago.

Man, you’ve got to surround yourself with something positive. What about the future? What about your goals? Are your goals in your office or are they at home? I’ve got pictures of stuff I want that there is no way I have enough time to attain. I have pictures, images around me. I have dreams and goals. I want to see them surrounding me and I want positive information around me.

That’s why I am telling you, read a book every week. Quit watching the news, make the news. Read books, listen to audio programs, and surround yourself with positive messages because that is the way that you’re going to be able to stay positive, stay motivated and stay excited.

And then maybe, just maybe, the people that come into your environment will actually be influenced by the positive images and signs of your environment.

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