How to Stop Being Lazy and Start Being Successful

Grant Cardone Sales TrainingAll week, I’ve been talking about the concept of “Lazy.” As I stated in a recent Huffington Post article, “lazy” is an entitlement concept accepted by the middle class that’s crushing America’s greatness and spreading like a contagion. Lazy is the ‘new’ adopted “right” of people, supposedly earned because a person worked five days and therefore must take the weekend off. This concept of entitlement runs across workers, management and executives across the country…” to read the rest of my article on Huffington Post, click HERE.
How do you counteract this disease of “Lazy?” First, it’s time to WAKE UP! Laziness and lack of action are ethical issues for me. It’s not right or acceptable for me or anyone I know to be lazy. No one is born to sprint or run a marathon any more than some people are more to take more actions than others.

You must readily take action and not just that, unbelievable amounts of action. Whether it’s by way of getting others to take action for them, getting attention for their products or ideas, or just grinding it out day and night, the successful have been consistently taking high levels of action – before anyone knew of their names – that’s how they became successful!

Stop talking about a “plan” for action but instead, assume that your future achievements rely on investing your time and energy in actions that may not pay off today but when taken consistently and persistently over time will produce unlimited success.

Stop being lazy and start being successful.

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