How to Stay Ready For Game-Changing Opportunities

Recently, I was reminded that great opportunities are everywhere and they can easily be overlooked. I don’t want that to happen to you. You have gotta stay hungry, keep your eyes open and search out opportunities everywhere possible. It is easy to lose focus and get blinded by the media and other distractions. What I do everyday is write my goals down and I assure you as simple as it sounds, it works almost miracles. Clearly, others need to do this because most people are so oblivious to opportunity, they would appear almost stupid. 

The reason I write my goals down everyday is to keep me focused on where I am going and where I want to be. The noise, distractions, problems and challenges of work and life can completely derail even the most positive of people. When that happens, we miss opportunities that could result in real game-changers. I have had hundreds of game-changing opportunities present themselves to me in my lifetime and you will too.

No matter where you are right now, very successful or just slightly, you must keep your eyes open for game-changing opportunities in your life. The stupid people can’t see them, don’t even notice them, even when they are right in front of their face. I say “stupid” not to be disrespectful, but because that is the right word to use. Stupid means lacking intelligence or common sense. Look around and you will see that common sense is not so common.

Just this week my company called a local CrossFit studio in Miami and twice no one answered the phones – stupid.  We “mystery shopped” another dozen retail stores that spend money on digital and radio advertising and two of them didn’t answer their phones. Out of the ten that did answer, not one of them even asked for a name and number. STUPID! The reason people act stupid is because management is not waking them up everyday telling them to look for GAME-CHANGERS. 

Opportunity comes at us every day. Phone rings, opportunity! Email lead comes in, more opportunity. You will choose to either pursue, pass or ignore these leads. You will either treat them like game-changing opportunities or waste them. It is up to you. To pursue them takes a mindset. It takes daily reminders and commitment to keep a game-changer mentality and culture.

Seventy-six percent of Americans are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck. In the wealthiest country on the planet people are barely getting by because they are either too comfortable or not being reminded everyday to search out game-changing opportunities. I don’t go to work to work, I go to work looking for GAME-CHANGERS.

Here are three daily tips to find Game-Changers.

  1. Look for game changers everyday.
  2. Write down goals that would change your life.
  3. Invest in making yourself better.

Don’t be stupid. No matter where you are on your climb towards success, you have to keep your eyes open, stay focused, stay motivated and persist through the challenges. Even if you are at the pinnacle of success, you must keep looking to improve your game! There is no stopping for those committed to SUCCESS. While the rest of the world celebrates a weekend, those committed to SUCCESS will have their eyes wide open looking for GAME-CHANGERS.

Be great. Nothing else pays.


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