How to Overcome Fear and Insecurities

My sales team watched the recent Grant Rant that was posted on YouTube about dealing with insecurities this morning in an office meeting.

You can watch the video below or visit my YouTube channel at to see some videos on sales training.

After the video was finished playing I was completely amazed at the discussion it caused. Everyone in my office admitted to something they’ve been insecure about or one of the tips that they felt most connected to.

It’s sad how we don’t discuss insecurity more often. We all experience it, but rarely do we talk about it. Some people think that it’s not normal or that you’re some how weak if you have insecurities.

I want you to know that EVERYONE has insecurities. You and everyone you encounter will be scared of something. The biggest difference between someone who is successful and someone who is isn’t is that successful people have learned to work past their insecurities. They saw the challenge and the potential for failure and they still went for it.

The reason people become insecure is that they imagine the results of their actions will be horrible. But almost every single time, even if the results are bad, it will not even be close to what you imagined.

Start working through your insecurities. Start small if it helps. If there’s a sales call you’re dreading then do that first on your list. If there’s that cute guy or cute girl you’ve been scared to ask out, go ask them out. What’s the worse they can do… say no? Big deal, you get the no, you walk back to your desk and either figure out a new way to ask them out or a new person to call.

That’s life. It’s insecurity and risk. The only way to to accomplish anything is to face those insecurities and get past them. I encourage you to try and face a challenge today knowing that you’re insecure about it and that you’re not afraid to give it your best with 10X the effort.

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