How to Create a Life Filled with Success

Let’s say that someone rear-ends me. Clearly, that person is at fault. Although I will be upset with him or her, the last thing I want to do is assume the position of victim. How horrible! “Look what happened to me – oh, poor me, I am a victim.”

Would you get a business card or have a television campaign state this to the public as a way to garner respect and attention? Of course not! Never claim the position of victim after deciding to create a life filled with success. Instead, figure out how to reduce the chances of inconveniences, like people rear-ending you, from ever happening again.

In order to make good things happen more often, you cannot afford to act like a victim. Good things don’t happen to victims; bad things do. Those who embrace the victim position will gladly go on and on to you about how they had nothing to do with their many bad breaks and misfortunes in life that seem to strike them time and again throughout their lives. There are four consistent factors in the life of the victim:

  1. Bad things happen to them.
  2. Bad things happen often.
  3. They are always involved.
  4. Someone or something else is always to blame.

Successful people take the opposite stance, and you must too:

Everything that happens in your life comes as a result of your own responsibility, not merely some outside force.

This will prompt you to start looking for ways to move beyond the situation and take control of not having bad things “happen” to you in the future.

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