How to Build Your Brand Using Facebook

Most of you have or are at least aware of Facebook. When these social mediums first started popping up everywhere, I thought they were a joke. Then, I started looking into how I could utilize them to actually benefit my business and increase awareness for my companies, my brand, and myself.
Did you know that Facebook has: 

1) More than 53 million active users
2) An average of 250,000 new users join every day.
3) Approximately 34% of users who work as professionals, sales, executives, educators, or in technical careers.

To not embrace this social media platform is bordering on being treasonous to your business today because it’s so prevalent. If you have a product or service or you just want more exposure, chances are that at least a few people of its 53 million active members as potential customers, investors, or someone that can benefit you and your business.

Those not using any social media platforms have similar excuses including:

1) There’s no time.
2) They’re for kids.
3) I have no clue what to do with it.

I can tell you that platforms like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn have been gifts to my business. I don’t play games on them. I don’t waste time with them, and I assure you I don’t have any more time than you do to waste. Once I understood what I could do with them, I set up multiple Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, a LinkedIn, and a Google+ account.

If you are an entrepreneur you know the value of getting people to think about you. Regardless of whether you are selling books, automobiles, a plumbing contractor, chiropractor, or a dentist, these are unbelievable platforms to use. The best way to do this is to utilize the power of Facebook by creating a Facebook Page for your Business.

Don’t delegate this to someone else just take the steps with me. First go to and this will give you the steps to take and just read the instructions.

Step 1: Pick category and name for your business.
You will see a pick list of categories to best describe your business or page. Think with what a new person is going to see and then you will be asked to name the page and you should name it exactly the name of the business, product or individual it represents. (I allowed my office to name one of my facebook pages and they named it CardoneSuccess when in reality no one is going to search. I would have named it Grant Cardone Sales & Business Training. We now have over 11,000 fans there and it would be disruptive to change it.) Click Create page in the right hand corner and you will be given choices to pick from as to business and category.

Step 2: Add a profile picture
You will then be asked to upload an image or import a photo from your website. You can change and update this later but pick a photo. Personally, I suggest that you use a photo of the FACE of your business not the picture of your business. Who is the personality or the people behind the business? Certainly if you are Coca Cola you are going to use a coke but if you are a Chiropractor I would not post a photo of a skeleton nor would I post a picture of a car dealership if you company is selling cars. Post a photo of a human being – the face of the business. People want to do business with people not buildings or skeletons.

Step 3: Get Fans
You can initiate this process by clicking the button that says invite friends that you already have from hopefully your personal facebook page or by important contacts from your database.

Step 4: Who, What, Where are you?
Add basic information and websites and a little bit about your business so that people coming there will know what your business is and who you are. Ex. Dano’s Pizza – Best Pizza in Cleveland and we deliver 24/7.

Step 5: Go Public!

Click on your business name in the top left corner (it’s magic – actually a hyperlink) and then click “publish this page” (When you do this people will be able to see your new Facebook business profile).

Step 6: Your First Fan
Now comes the fun part click the Like button so that you become the first fan and you will see a list of things you can start doing from inviting more friends to importing contacts from your email data base.

The key to making this page work for your clients is getting others to like your page and more importantly posting content that makes your page interesting enough that people continue to want to see and think positively about you, your business, and your brand.

Be interesting and people will take interest!

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