How Much Mediocrity Can You Tolerate

How much mediocrity can you tolerate? It seems people are conditioned into believing that they should aim for being mediocre. Colleagues will hate the top salesman saying that they work too hard.

Aiming for the middle seems to be the course for many people. They just want to get to a level of comfort that they become numb and don’t go for greatness or being number 1. They just want to be right in the middle of mediocrity along with everyone else.

But do you notice how everyone in the middle of mediocrity is always complaining? They complain about where they are, they complain about the people at the top, and they complain about the people below them. It’s always complaining.

If someone’s going to complain, might as well let it be others that are complaining about you being on top.

Don’t get stuck in that mediocre mindset that makes people stay in their comfort zone. Go for the top. Be the best. Don’t tolerate mediocrity!

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