How Bad Things Happen to Good People


I am sure this past week has been stressful for many of you, your loved ones and friends. Florida was hit hard with Hurricane Irma—just one week after Houston was hit by Hurricane Harvey. People pulled together to batten down facilities and keep things moving forward as the cleanup is now in full force. Storms like Irma and Harvey are a reminder to me of why I do what I do.  I constantly see people getting settled in, deluded into thinking they are entitled to dry clothes, electricity, transportation, a place to live and the everyday essentials just because they are good people.

Bad things happen to good people. 

The reality is Irma and Harvey are reminders that most are not ready to weather long-term setbacks.

Many small businesses will not make it after being forced to shut down business for a week. Products spoil, inventory sits on shelves, and rent is due again in a couple of weeks. And then there is the physical damage done to the stores—the windows, the water leakage, etc.. The fact is many small businesses are simply too small to deal with a week-long hurricane interruption to their cash flow.

This is also true with individuals. Some people choose not to evacuate out of areas under threat not because they don’t want to, but because it’s too financially burdensome to drive out of state and stay at a hotel for a few days. Storms are financial setbacks, and most people don’t have in their budget a Hurricane Irma.

I hope these storms remind you to get yourself in a better position to secure your freedom for you and yours.

A 35-hour work week may not be what you need to be doing right now. If you are making a middle-class income, work-life balance is the wrong goal. You don’t need balance in your life—you need money. Here are 2 reminders that Irma and Harvey can give you:

1) Focus on earning, not on comfort.


Middle-class Americas want nothing more than to be comfortable, even if that means they never will get rich. Comfort is king for too many people. The problem is, if you are stuck making $50,000 a year you will never get out of being uncomfortable because you have nothing left over financially. 

If you become comfortable, you take less action. When you take less action, you stop pushing to fulfill your potential. Seeking comfort over financial freedom is what separates the moderately successful from the most successful. Many people wanted to get a flight out of South Florida last week and were unable to find one. I flew out of the state on my private jet—and I’m not saying that to brag but as an example of what financial independence can do for you.

2) Assume Responsibility for Everything


It is a myth and falsehood to think that success just happens or that it just happens to some people. You are the source, the generator, the origin, and the reason for everything—both positive and negative. This is not meant to simplify the concept of success, of course, but until you decide you are responsible for everything, you likely will not take the action necessary to get you above the game.




Everything that happens in your life comes as a result of your own responsibility, not merely some outside force like a hurricane. This will prompt you to start looking for ways to move beyond the situation and take control of not having bad things “happen” to you in the future. Begin to ask yourself after every unpleasant encounter or event, “What can I do to reduce my chances of it happening again?”

Again, my heart goes out to all of you in Houston, Florida and across the Caribbean. Bad stuff happens to good people, but I encourage you to take responsibility for even things like Irma and Harvey so that you will be able to not just weather setbacks that come, but thrive and be able to give back to others.

Be great,


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  • Gina

    The English language isn’t equipped to properly express the light that came on in my mind as I read this.

    This is personal! This article made all your other articles make sense and set off a fire in me that cannot be quenched.

    Awful things happen to people. Sometimes I’m that good person. Achieving 3 MBAs, but now struggling with 2 newly diagnosed Autistic children, having just lost my job and being forced to relocate to care for my family, I thought I was good.

    In light of your insight, I’m quite average.

    Well…I was quite average, but that was a different time.

    Today is a new time and I’m going to go ahead and fight for earnings and then 10X it.

    Getting after it,


  • Irene TORRES

    Thank you for your inspirational and motivating messages. You always place the right words at the right time. Its always the right time to move forward and improve anf take responsibility.. Thank you. I have alot to look forward to.

  • Tony Gayden

    Money can help solve so many of life’s problems yet I still here that same story of people thinking they have “enough”.

    You only have enough until it’s not enough. Suddenly your house is gone and you are sleeping in your car after the hurricane because you can’t afford a hotel.

    I vow to never be satisfied or stop pushing for more.

  • Johnathan Edman

    Thank you Grant for another power packed keeping it real message. I have been listening to and implementing your material daily in order to fulfil my duty of success.

    I definitely should have been in a financial position to take my family out of town during the storm had I choose to so this article adds fuel to the fire of my desire for Independent wealth through Real Estate investing!

    Keep em coming uncle G!

  • Jim Sweeneuy

    Great message, Grant!

  • Trevor

    Uncle G-Money, you are spot-on sir!

    My fiancé & I had to evacuate. I just moved to Florida & started a moving business. It does pretty good, but after initial overhead investment with my first profits for equipment, our bad habit of going out to eat too often, just paying a vehicle payment & other unnecessary spending, we were at the mercy of her mother to pay for our fuel, lodging & food to get up north not to mention all of the tolls & food for the way back. I left wit $25 dollars in my wallet. It was the most immasculating feeling ever. Currently my phone is shut off, my bill was due while we were away. I need my phone to get work. Nobody booked at the beginning of the month due to the impending storm. In moving, the first & last 1/3 of the month is the busiest time. I can’t advertise right now because people will be calling a phone that can’t pick up. My truck needs new brake pads & a new rear rotor. My insurance is due & my new payment is due by the 29th. It’s the last busy block of the month, but I missed out on crucial booking time. To top it all off, I needed an emergency wisdom tooth extraction up north with no insurance. $250+ for the X-rays/exam & $430 for the extraction-I’m a fiscal mess!

    I accept full responsibility & hit my all time low. I am learning from this & somehow embracing it. We will never again be at the mercy of other people, be it family or otherwise. I read The Millionaire booklet finally on the journey back to Florida, after it had been sitting on my shelf for months (your shipping department is phenomenal, book was free, came with bonus stickers arrived QUICK!). You’re a genius, a genius who leverages common sense! Absolutely love your brand & content, you are the best thing to happen to personal development in a very long time, you & Gary Vee!

    Thank you so much for putting everything in perspective & I love the Grant Rants! You have a gift. God bless you, Elana, your daughters & your empire!

  • Thomas Cox

    Great words

  • khalid jaafar

    I just read this article after I read what happened to you in mandalay Bay hotel and I can literally see what you mean

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