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Hey, who are the greats? Muhammad Ali said, “I am the greatest,” even before he was considered the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Michael Jordan, Beethoven, Steve Jobs, Peyton Manning—you know these names because they were—or arguably were—the greatest at what they did. You know my name because I am the greatest at what I do. Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true.

If you want to get great in sales too, here are 4 things all great salespeople do that you must emulate:

1. Great salespeople know how to listen more than they talk—They know how to use two ears and one mouth. But don’t be a psychologist and listen for 5 hours before going in and giving advice. The greats know how to go in, extract data, and probe, collect data, pull that data out, and use it. They are like Navy Seals—they go into a mission and get out. They collect data very quickly, with the full intention of listening to their clients. They know when they do talk, they’ll use what they listened to.

2. Great salespeople build value—They don’t discount price. When they get a price objection they don’t think about lowering the price—they think they need to build the value. Average, unprepared salespeople drop price. The greats don’t give money away, they solve problems and show value. Look, if people didn’t want to spend money they wouldn’t have sat down with you. People want to get something. When value exceeds price, then price is no longer an issue.


3. Great salespeople know the difference between selling, negotiating and closing—These are completely different arts. Average or even good salespeople blend the three together as if it’s all the same stuff. Just because you can use a hammer doesn’t mean you can use a drill. Just because you can present a product doesn’t mean you are trained to close on it. They are different things and should be learned differently. Negotiating isn’t closing—it’s making sense of something. It’s coming to agreement on a product or service, not discounting it. Selling is showing a product or service and explaining why it’s valuable. Closing is a completely different art. If you don’t know the difference between these things, you can’t be great in sales. Learn them all and be great in each skill set.

4. Great salespeople stretch way beyond their comfort zones—Don’t think these people are courageous. They are not, they are scared to death all the time. They are doing things that make them uncomfortable. They don’t tell you they are uncomfortable or even that they are scared to death. This is what they do because they are driven to create an economy for themselves and their families. They are willing to get uncomfortable to have some sense of luxury. They don’t seek comfort, that’s what the average seek. The greats want luxury and seek exceptional lives. It doesn’t mean they will buy expensive watches or yachts—though it might—but it does mean they are seeking a different lifestyle than average.

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