Great Sales People Are Sincere

Top 50 Traits of Great Sales People #49: Great sales people are sincere, authentic and believable.

When I first got into sales, I heard from everyone about how sales was a “dirty” word and a “dirty” profession. The persistent image was that of a sleazy fast-talker in a bad suit.

But over almost three decades of selling and sales training, I have found that the best sales people are those who are sincere, authentic, and believable.

Those three traits are so important to building trust and trust is the only way to achieve a sale. It doesn’t matter how you talk, if you’re a high energy guy who’s loud, or if you’re a bit more reserved, you still need to be able to communicate absolute sincerity, authenticity, and believability.

My top two sales and marketing managers are very different in their approaches to talking to a customer. But both of them convey such sincerity that they immediately generate trust from the client. Even some of the most hard-headed prospects come to trust them.

They don’t need to be anything but who they are and communicate clearly to their prospects and clients.

Here’s my challenge to you. Tomorrow morning for your meeting, talk to your guys and ask them to work on conveying sincerity, authenticity, and believability to their prospects and clients. Make them go through their entire day with that as the focus. I guarantee you’ll get great results.

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