Grant Cardone Offends HR People!

Grant Cardone reviews the ultimate plan of attack to get the job of your dreams, the money you want and where to get it in under 36 hours on The Career Clinic with Maureen Anderson. Cardone advises; make a list of three to five people that you want to work for, investigate who runs the company, know what makes you great and sell this directly to him, NOT the HR officer. The HR is merely a screening department and you do NOT want to have them as a point of entry. The best employers will hire great employees even if they do not have an opening for them. Know what makes you great! The best hedge against inflation is an investment in yourself. Study great people and make big claims. You can no longer be mediocre, you need to be great! Cardone also talks about facing fear and loving the adventure of moving his family to Miami as well as why California will bankrupt itself for hammering the people paying taxes. Finally, the premise of his book The 10X Rule is discussed as well as why he no longer votes red or blue but fires the guy that can’t get the job done.

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