Go the Extra Mile

Go the extra mile. If you say, “I’ve got to do 20 push-ups.” Then go another two. See that’s what I like to do. I like to add a little 10 per cent to everything. I think I finish something and then I go a little further. Why? Why do that? Because I am trying to discipline myself to believe in me.
Look, what is more important than motivation, inspiration, being excited? I’ve got to go the extra mile. I am not doing it for Jarrod, or my customer, or Bobby, or my wife, or the kids. I AM DOING IT FOR ME! See, if I can’t do it for me I am not going to do it for anybody else.

Be honest with yourself. Could you do something extra? And what would that do for you if you did? So let’s say you got a client. You told the client that you were going to do “X” and then you do “X” plus another mile. Who benefits? Who really benefits the most? You’re saying, “Oh Grant, the client benefits the most.” No, you do! You benefit the most because you know you did what you said you would do and a little more.

It’s about you being motivated. Go the extra mile even after you know that you’ve already satisfied your commitment.

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