Go All-In and Overcommit

Hey, TGIF. Thank God I’m Free. The weekend is about to start and you can go all-in or you can go out to the club; the difference is if you’ve earned it. If you have earned it you probably won’t want to go to the club—you’ll want to hustle and dominate your time instead. You can hustle, dominate your time and 10X your life by simply going all-in and overcommit. What I mean by overcommitting is before learning the details about an opportunity, take it, commit to it, and figure out how to accomplish it later. There have been many instances in my life where I have committed before I knew everything about the opportunity. I may not have known everything, I may have even been over my head, but the truth is this one rule has been responsible for much of my success. Most people are familiar with the all-in concept as a poker term. It’s when a player takes all of their chips and risks them to either get knocked out of the game or double up; high-risk, high reward. Although I’m not talking about chips or money here; I’m referring to something much more important: your life, creativity, energy, efforts, ideas, and motivation. Massive action is not like a poker table though; you never run out of chips in life or use up all of your energy and effort by committing yourself. You can go all-in with energy as many times as you want, because even if you fail, you can keep going all in again and again! Most of society discourages the all-in mentality because we are taught to play it safe and not to put everything at risk. We are encouraged to conserve and protect ourselves from losses, rather than to go for the big payoff. The most successful on this planet are willing to make the big plays. This mindset is also based on the myth that your energy, creativity, and efforts are material and have limited quantities that cannot be replenished. Years ago I was approached to do an interview. Before I ever found out what the topic would be on, I committed to doing the interview. I then found out that the topics weren’t in my immediate knowledge base, but I had committed and I was not going to back down from my commitment. I researched and read like crazy, figured out what I wanted to say, showed up, and gave one of my best interviews ever. This week I talked about How to Handle Interviews on Cardone Zone. Watch it here. That interview, that I knew nothing about the topic for, opened up a huge amount of new possibilities for the future. Had I waivered in my commitment, or not shown up, those possibilities would have never come. These two steps are what you need to know:

  1. Commit to every opportunity you are given
  2. Show up and figure it out

You’ll quickly begin to see the difference between being someone who quits and someone who commits. You’ll notice the fact that the majority of people who complain about things being bad never show up themselves. If you are one of the few who do show up, you will meet and work with the other small group of people in this world who also commit and make great things happen. I dive deeper into going all-in and overcommitting in my book, The 10X Rule, which recently made the Top 10 Best Sales Books of ALL time by two groups. Ideal Candidate, who reached out to sales influencers around the world asking them which books made a true impact on how they sell, and Sales Hacker, who is known for connecting sales professionals worldwide and doing professional sales conferences. Let me know in the comments below something you have or want to go all-in on. Be great, GC

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