Give Them Something to Talk About!

Top 50 Traits of Great Sales People #31: Great sales people want to create clients and referrals for life knowing a really passionate customer is worth more than a paycheck.


A passionate customer is always worth more than a paycheck. A passionate customer will spread your message further than you would think possible. If I look at one person as an individual sale, then I may or may not get that sale; either way, you only have the potential of one sale.

If you want to create a client for life, then you have to think differently. I know that if I look to win someone over so much that they will continue to come back to me that not only will I get that sale then and there, I will get future business as well. More importantly, I know that they will tell their friends and family about me. That’s what I want.

Word of mouth is the most effective, powerful advertising you can get. And you can’t buy it with money, you must earn it with your service, quality and competence.

Think about a restaurant you have seen advertised. You may have seen the ads for it, but you don’t make a point to go and try it out. However, as soon as someone you trust tells you they had a great experience there, you have that restaurant at the top of your mind the next time you are planning to dine out.

Try this with your next client. Don’t look at them in terms of how much commission you will make from them, instead turn your attention to this question: How can I make this person so passionate about my services that a year from now, I’m still selling to him and his family? That five years from now, I’m selling to everyone he knows and in 20 years, we will still be making deals together?

Make sure that everyone you interact with immediately wants to go out and tell everyone how great you and your service are.

Give them something to talk about!

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