Give More than is Expected of You

GIVE GIVE GIVE. Give more than is ever expected of you. In every encounter, give people more than they would have ever expected was even fair. You want to exchange with people in ways that is so abundant, so overwhelming that they are like “dude, you got to stop, you got to quit giving to me here.”

Give people more. I know what you are thinking; man if I do that people are going to take advantage of me. Most people are not going to take advantage of you. You know what they are going to do; most people are going to want to reciprocate. They are going to want to take care of you in exchange. Don’t worry that people can take advantage of you. That’s operating out of scarcity.

Give more than is expected of you. This doesn’t mean you are giving your money away. It doesn’t mean you are going to give more products away. Give of yourself. Don’t just give in this way: I am going to discount my product and give them more value. That is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about giving more than is expected of YOU. I am giving of myself. How can I make another contact? How can I go out of my way to reach them? How can I touch them on the back, shake their hand? How can I call them again? See? These aren’t things that I am giving to them. I am talking about giving more than is expected of you.

Give YOU to them; whether it is enthusiasm, energy, ideas, offers, hey let me be there for you, how can I help you, offerings. Give more of yourself than is expected of you and you will be more motivated.

Make a list of how you can do this in your life today.

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