Get Your Buyers to Do More for You

Any time someone who serves me continues to exhibit that hungry desire to do anything humanly possible to earn my business, I find every reason possible to support him or her.

I stick with that person as long as he or she keeps exhibiting that kind of attitude, and I don’t think I am unique in this way. Most people want to be taken care of and paid attention to, and they crave this type of service from people because it is lacking in our culture. People wonder why their businesses fail in a country with countless citizens barely making it financially who are subject to the whims of the economy, dependent upon credit to pay their bills and enslaved to the system.

If you want to expand and conquer and create a personal economy that allows for greater freedom and control, then make sure everyone knows how badly you want their business. Act like your life depends on every transaction, every moment of every day. And if you have to tell someone that you really want his or her business, well then, you probably aren’t acting hungry enough!

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