Get Motivated

Hey, hope you are killing it right now and working to YOUR full potential. Now is your time to turn up the heat and work every angle so you can take care of YOUR family and create YOUR economy. Now is the time to START not the time to stop, stall, procrastinate or make excuses.

This week, my message is: “This is not the time to stop.” You can’t stop! I woke up this morning and thought, “My god, what is becoming of this world?” Then it dawned on me that I needed to focus on starting again and not getting bogged down by the problems and insanity of the world. This craziness is causing people to go numb and dumb and become apathetic, wasting time on things they can’t control. Now is the time to start again on creating who you are, establishing your value in the marketplace and with your customers. This brings me to the most important challenge you and every other person on this planet struggles with – How do I Get Motivated? The secret of the most successful people I know is that they are able to stay motivated, activated, inspired and moving no matter what happens around them.

Motivation is that inner drive to move toward or away from some thing. Get and stay motivated. I hope you find this message motivating and I hope it gets you focused. If you like this message then make sure you get your company to preorder the 100+ Ways to Get and Stay Motivated on DVD. You can take advantage of a pre-published price and save $1000 (for a limited time only) and be the first in the country to own it.

Now is YOUR time to start!

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