Get Motivated by Community Involvement

Stay involved with your community, be social, stay connected.

Extrovert yourself. Too many people are staying at home. They’re in their kitchen. They’re at the house. They spend time in the confines of this house that is so important to them. Look, there’s nothing there.

Look, you want to go out in to the community, extrovert into the community where people are. You need attention, people need to know you. You’ve got to become a celebrity, and you need to make the news not watch the news. You need to do something great not good.

All that requires interaction with people. That means you need to stay connected to your community, your church, the PTA, the schools, the government, politics. All the things your family said stay out of… Look, go do it. Extrovert and meet strangers like my little 3-year old. I tell her, “Go meet that man over there.” She says, “I don’t know that man. He’s a stranger.” I tell her, “Go meet him.” I need her to meet strangers. That’s what I am telling you here.

You want to get motivated? Make new friends. Reach up for those friends. Go get involved in the community. Be willing to talk to everybody like you’re running for the President of the United States and you’re going to extrovert into the community. You’re going to make yourself known.

You might say, “Grant I am an introvert. I am just not like that. I am not like you Grant.” YOU don’t know what I am like! How would you know what I am like? You think that what you see is what I am like? No, I am extroverting myself into the community so I am social, connected, hooked up, people know me, and people can help me.

Oh, I am motivated man. I’ve got a full calendar. How are you going to have a full calendar if you are not hooking up with people?

Look, there are one hundred ways to stay motivated. Don’t use 3 of them. Use them all; particularly the ones that scare you.The ones you’re less likely to use might be the ones that will really make a difference in your life, like this one.

Stay involved with your community – be social.

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