Get in Shape for 2013

Exercise. Look, if you exercise a little bit everyday it’s going to put you in charge of your body. If you’re in charge of your body everyday you’re going to be motivated. Look, you’re looking for little tricks here. You’re looking for angles and gimmicks. I am looking for anything I can do that makes me feel good about me.

Get YOURS now so you can GET and STAY Motivated!

What is motivation? I feel good about me. I am motivated, moved to tell other people who I am, what I am about. I am proud of me. Anything that squashes that, you wouldn’t want to do. Anything that would inspire you to go out and meet people, to be motivated, to be out there, extroverted, would be good for you.

Exercise is a good thing. There is no way exercise is a bad thing. There is no possible way that exercise could be a bad thing for you or anyone. Regardless of your physical condition you need to get some exercise in. At least a little bit everyday. And look, the hardest thing with exercise is just getting started. Just make a commitment; I am going to exercise today.

This is what I do when I want to get into the routine of exercising. I start the first week with two exercises a day; first in the morning, then in the afternoon. I try to get two in everyday because by the fourth day I am like man, I got 8 exercise sessions in this week. What happens? I am motivated to do more. Most people never get motivated because they just don’t do enough and when they do it they’re not consistent enough with it.

Look, you’ve got a body; you’re dragging it around everyday. I am dragging this 170 pounds around with me every single freaking day. I wake up with it; I go to sleep with it. Then I got to bring it to the workplace. Look, if you don’t exercise it you’re not in control of it.

Exercise a little everyday. And again I am not talking about diets and I am not talking about weight here. I am talking about MOTIVATION! Being excited, being ready to get up and go out there. And the better you feel about yourself, your body, your dress, your health, your goals, your planning, your time the more motivated you will be.

Exercise a little bit everyday and get in control of your body.

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