Get Attention

You won’t gain supporters without attracting a few haters in the process.

Criticism is not always a negative thing. When people are criticizing you, this is an indication that you are taking the proper amount of action. If people aren’t reacting to what you’re doing, your voice hasn’t been heard.

Criticism should be anticipated especially if you are trying to get your projects noticed.

Lack of attention = limited Success for yourself, your products and ideas.

Longevity of a project is determined by the quality of what you’re offering, Success of your project is determined by how much attention you can get for it.

Grab attention:
1. Take enough action so that people question, wonder, criticize—be the cause for interaction!
2. Know how to handle the negative criticism
3. Continue your actions with great motivation!

Show me the most successful people in any field or business and I will show you people who have effectively generated tremendous amounts of attention for themselves. In  so doing they have become the targets of criticism, curiosity and competition. Since the biblical times of Jesus, and throughout history, anyone that truly gets the world’s attention will be attacked!

Be successful! Get attention! There are no exceptions to this rule!

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