Get a Little Uncomfortable and Get a Lot of Success

There are two kinds of people, the ones who are successful and getting what they want and then there’s everybody else.

People wonder what the successful, wealthy guys are doing at the very top that they are missing? They ask, “why are they so comfortable? I work hard, I do the right things, I’m honest. Yet they have money, security, the home, great family and I’m here struggling or just not getting there quick enough. What am I missing?”

Well I’ll tell you that it wasn’t until I started to do what was uncomfortable that I started seeing more success professionally and personally. I studied successful people, I still do, and I notice successful people are willing to be uncomfortable. At one point or another, they were willing to put themselves in situations that were uncomfortable, whereas the unsuccessful seek comfort from all their decisions. Moving my business, staff, wife and two young daughters from Los Angeles to Miami… uncomfortable. However, I looked at it as a challenge, an adventure, a next level move.

So when you see people who appear comfortable, understand that they got there by taking risks and doing the things that rattled them until they mastered them. They got “comfortable” by being willing to be “uncomfortable.” So today, take notice of the uncomfortable things that you try and avoid and instead, tackle them. Work through the uncomfortable, push yourself through and success will come.

Be great!

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