Garbage In = Garbage Out

The media’s constant 24 hour chaos coverage is destroying the hopes and dreams of mankind!

I fear the media’s perpetual sensationalizing of bad news more than I do the threat of pandemic flu’s, wars and a faltering economy combined. I know they say they want to present all sides and that the public has a right to know everything but notice that 95% of all their coverage is negative, and the more negative and sensational the story the more they cover it! The media knows that murder, sex, conspiracies, company failures, fear, and scandals sell papers and advertising. They further fuel the fires of chaos and hopelessness as they continue to disseminate the negative with no regard for the effect their reporting has on the public’s emotional and mental state.

The media thrives on and depends on bad news for its survival, like a parasite eating away at its organism, sucking hope from entire populations of the people they call viewers. And if you don’t pay attention then they promote the possibility that the viewers are becoming complacent, setting us all up for a major disaster in the future. It is non-stop, endless and competitive reporting of chaos with no end and NO solution. This kills motivation and productivity.

They justify their reporting by calling it freedom of speech and public awareness but the real goal is to create as much fear as possible in order to sell their newspapers and advertising. It is interesting that the pharmaceutical companies that sell pills for all your fears, irrational thoughts, behaviors and problems are the media’s biggest source of income!

Go on a No Negativity diet and turn off the news!
Take control of what you allow to enter your mind and you will better be able to control your successful thoughts and actions. Instead, surround yourself with positive, educational, solution-oriented and motivational materials and just watch how your attitude, actions and income improve!

Positivity in = positivity out!

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