Fuel the Close

#1 reason why salespeople don’t close: they never even asked for the close!

#2 reason: they ran out of ammo and were unable to be persistent.

Due to lack of successful techniques and closing resources, salespeople are unable to persist in the close. Don’t blame it on lack of motivation, but rather realize that you just didn’t know what to say. Like you would for your car, give yourself the right grade of fuel for optimum performance.

No matter how powerful the rocket, it won’t get anywhere without fuel. The fuel for the Closer is closes. You’ll need hundreds of them to drill and rehearse with so that you can be loaded up and ready for any kind of deal with any type of person.

To close successfully comes with practice, a focused mindset, and refined skills. It’s never too late to fine-tune these techniques. You’ll be amazed by all the situations and people you will be able to use these closes on!

The possibilities are endless and your future is as bright as you are able to Close a Deal!

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