Flock of Seagulls Prompts Scary Emergency on LAX-bound Delta Flight 1063


A flight en route to LAX turned around and landed at JFK airport in New York after striking dozens of birds on takeoff, prompting some to compare the episode to the “Miracle on the Hudson” that made pilot Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger an international hero.

No heroics were necessary this time, as the Delta flight 1063 appeared to maintain power as it ascended from New York earlier this afternoon.

One passenger took video with his iPad and tweeted the adventure:

Grant Cardone, a sales training expert and author, made a video after the flight in which he states, “That was the scariest thing I have every done.”

He said it sounded “like a Volkswagen Beetle going through there:”

This might be my last flight. I was that scared.

He said he saw the birds, as many as 30, strike an engine, prompting smoke and the aforementioned emergency.

But flight attendants were calm on the plane carrying 172.

Delta stated: On takeoff, the airplane had a likely bird strike. As a precaution, the captain elected to return to JFK. The flight landed without incident, and we’re working on reaccomodating the passengers.


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