Find the “Can Do” in You

This week, I was on the road speaking to some killer professionals at the Driving Sales and Digital Dealer conventions.

I love meeting up with the greats in the industry face-to-face. The energy at these events is off the charts. In life, even in spite of being pumped up and inspired by positive activity, there’s always some kind of a challenge which presents itself when you least expect it. I’ve learned to use the haters, challenges and frustrations that come my way as fuel for me and my team to find solutions and get so-called “impossible” things done.

In business, it is critical that you maintain a “can do attitude” no matter what. It’s important to create a team of employees who also have that “can do” attitude. This company wide “can do” culture keeps things going full speed ahead. When challenges come up, and they will, they’re handled and that is how you become even stronger.

When someone says that something has never been done before, never in history, never ever… I mean NEVER, you have to dig deep and say, “there’s gotta be a way. Let’s do it anyway.” Then you commit to doing whatever it takes to pull it off.

When you are able to find the “can do” attitude inside you and you put your focus on achieving a goal, positive changes and outcomes will follow. You will accomplish what others consider impossible because you refused to quit.

When you know that no matter what comes, no matter what others might say or do to disrupt your momentum towards success, you and your team will approach every challenge with a “can do” attitude, you can overcome any barriers.

When you find yourself and those around you slipping into a negative funk, here are some things to say to switch your thinking and flex that Hustle Muscle so you can do Whatever It Takes to push ahead.

“There is always a way”
“Let’s make this happen.”
“How could we solve it?”
“No problem.”
“We’ll figure this out.”

Look, there’s always some unexpected setback or attack. There will always be people out there telling you something is impossible. Just because you are a good guy on the right side, doesn’t mean you will win. If you are willing to fight and do whatever it takes to make it happen, you will.

Be great!

  • David B Colyer says:

    Based on what the man said, he has been on a downword trend. Perhaps he should stop first. Orient himself to his current situation. Choose a new direction. Then, move forward in the new direction

  • Racer Bob says:

    And I thought I was the only one. Thanks Grant.

  • Chel Stith says:

    Thanks for this positive focus Grant. Just what we need to flourish.

  • Vero says:

    You have a wonderful skill with the right choice of words.

    you for making this available on-line because if one is on top of
    things and doing good, it validates what one does; and if one is in need
    of encouragement, you open a window, a way out.

    It;s always a
    good thing o get advise from a successful person who made his own way to
    the top. (I don’t listen to “fat people giving advise on how to lose
    weight” but slim knows how to be slim…).

    Thank you!!Vero

  • Max Klemm says:

    Hi Grant, how true & very well stated. Everyday, regardless of the challenges, we must keep moving Forward, Onward, & Upward, with 110% Tunnel Vision on our dreams & goals. Around 1898 or so, someone said that a patent office was not necessary because everything had already been invented. There is ALWAYS a solution to whatever the problem / challenge that face us. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. May you & your family enjoy a Fantastic PMA Friday & a Wonderful PMA Weekend! Max

  • Vero says:

    YOU generate the life force in you. Decision is what’s needed. DO IT and you’ll have some good advise to give! There’s always a way!

  • Al Simon says:

    Great words and sentiment Grant.
    I often use the phrase “It’s all good”.
    Even when you don’t understand at the time the benefits of the set-back or the hold-up I find it is good to know that it is there for a reason – even if that reason is not immediately clear.
    In the Celestine Prophecy Experiential Guide there’s a phrase ‘trust your process’.
    I love now having that ‘faith’ in the universal energy to help propel me forward or nudge me be back on track and simply ‘trusting the process’ rather than feeling victimized with a ‘why me’ or ‘its not fair’; attitude instead knowing that it is there to serve me.
    I find TM is a great tool for just calming the mind twice a day to help understand those nudges and perceived setbacks, and helps to find the clarity that maybe was a bit fuzzy the first time round.
    A setback is just an opportunity to take a step-back, align with purpose, find clarity and return jacked up and ready to knock down doors that wouldn’t give the first time round.

  • Gregory says:

    Grant, You are one of the few I listen to always. I work on my own a lot and being able to read your inspiration and motivation is like having a mentor by my side all day. Thank you so much for your graciousness in sharing your expertise with all of us.

    And thank you dave for letting me know about the audio books ! I will get them immediately.


  • jabari postell says:

    Thanks for being a great example for me sir. It is much appreciated.

  • David Sanders says:

    Super-cool, Grant! Thanks for the encouragement.
    Along that line, when I lived in LA I purchased a leather replica of a sign whose home was President Regan’s desk in the White House. It reads, “It CAN be done”

  • Jamie Jaggers says:

    Thank YOU! My life has completely changed since I read your book and I want to come work for you when I finish my Military service in January 2015.

  • Herbert Shaw says:

    Out of all the people I’ve met, you’re the one with the best “can do attitude”

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Thanks Jamie!

  • Grant Cardone says:

    That’s great man, keep learning!

  • Grant Cardone says:

    Thanks man!

  • Hector says:

    Only Advice we can give: Just Keep Moving Forward!

  • Grant Cardone says:


  • Steve Richards says:

    Good stuff, thank you.

  • Roger Love says:

    Well said… Grant I am inspired everytime I get your email.

  • Nicholas Cardin says:

    This Can Do attitude is something that can definitely be taught to others. We plan on sharing this article with our entire sales team at tomorrow’s sales meeting as well as all department heads. Keep it coming our way Grant!
    Many thanks!

  • AdmiralHallZ says:

    Well said, Grant. I myself also LOve everything you put out there for us to view and read, and I’m sure just about everybody feels significantly ‘energized’ after an encounter with yourself…clearly powerful stuff that is true! I believe that whether or not it is possible to do any particular thing, as long as you can Dream big enough / be able to physically see it, then that’s the first big step to pulling off the ‘impossible task’ that all others refused to attempt while you/we refuse to quit. There’s a major difference there, and all it takes is someone like yourself to bridge the possibility of all possibilities being possible. The more I’m around your literature the more I realize that like yourself, I do indeed see the value in the whatever it takes mindset, and the possibilities are endless form there! -Steve H. Chicago, IL

  • jon surman says:

    Grant you changed my thinking completely in the last year and its all transmuting in to a positive reality, my own biz, im now a learning machine, increased income, and goals that make problems tiny thanks jon

  • grantcardone says:

    thank you so much

  • sirtony says:

    Great words…Grant…here is a gift from my Award Winning film Series THE RIVER OF LIFE…it is all about what you are sharing…I hope you find the courage to view and share…blessings to you …and the family from me and my family…STEVE JENNINGS life story totally about THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY OUT OF NO WAY… …

  • Lucas Ciura says:

    Bro, you are the best!!! You’ve been motivating me everyday for the past 4 years

  • Jamie Jaggers says:

    I have a “Can-Do attitude” because of Grant’s inspirtation and awesome book the 10x rule. Everyone needs to read it.

  • Cheeseman says:

    Don’t know Who this guy is
    But be is a great motivator
    I’ve recently become homeless
    After having best job making over 75k a year to living in desert collecting cans & I’m having a really hard time even wanting to live next to God himself your a great inspiration I’m a HVAC ptofessional of 32 years went through a bad marriage now here I am feeling just….. LOST!!

  • LUIS says:

    I really enjoy reading your positive energy. It is invaluable the feeling of wanting to keep forward with our dream goals after your enthusiastic encouragement. Sometimes things are challenging and we need that. Thank you. Luis Fitch, RN

  • David Sharp says:

    Grant, I always appreciate your positive and focused attitude man! I tend to get energized when I hear your speak or read your stuff. Thanks for the kick in the ass! (By the way, I just finished listening to your audio book of 10X. I would suggest everyone get the audio version as they will be able to HEAR your passion instead of just reading it.)

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