Find the “Can Do” in You

This week, I was on the road speaking to some killer professionals at the Driving Sales and Digital Dealer conventions.

I love meeting up with the greats in the industry face-to-face. The energy at these events is off the charts. In life, even in spite of being pumped up and inspired by positive activity, there’s always some kind of a challenge which presents itself when you least expect it. I’ve learned to use the haters, challenges and frustrations that come my way as fuel for me and my team to find solutions and get so-called “impossible” things done.

In business, it is critical that you maintain a “can do attitude” no matter what. It’s important to create a team of employees who also have that “can do” attitude. This company wide “can do” culture keeps things going full speed ahead. When challenges come up, and they will, they’re handled and that is how you become even stronger.

When someone says that something has never been done before, never in history, never ever… I mean NEVER, you have to dig deep and say, “there’s gotta be a way. Let’s do it anyway.” Then you commit to doing whatever it takes to pull it off.

When you are able to find the “can do” attitude inside you and you put your focus on achieving a goal, positive changes and outcomes will follow. You will accomplish what others consider impossible because you refused to quit.

When you know that no matter what comes, no matter what others might say or do to disrupt your momentum towards success, you and your team will approach every challenge with a “can do” attitude, you can overcome any barriers.

When you find yourself and those around you slipping into a negative funk, here are some things to say to switch your thinking and flex that Hustle Muscle so you can do Whatever It Takes to push ahead.

“There is always a way”
“Let’s make this happen.”
“How could we solve it?”
“No problem.”
“We’ll figure this out.”

Look, there’s always some unexpected setback or attack. There will always be people out there telling you something is impossible. Just because you are a good guy on the right side, doesn’t mean you will win. If you are willing to fight and do whatever it takes to make it happen, you will.

Be great!

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