Financial Planning vs. Budgeting – What’s the Difference?

People underestimate how much money it actually takes to truly ensure their financial freedom. Since the age of 25, I have had a financial plan in place that caused me to push harder than others around me were willing to push. People are reasonable, apparently unconscious, and even unwilling to confront this area of financial planning.
Fact: If you are working to make someone else’s dreams come true, you will never be a great closer!
Just paying bills will never cause you to be a great closer, because the purpose of just paying bills is not meaningful enough for you or anyone else for that matter. Too often sales people operate without valid financial plans; therefore, they lack the proper motivation and underestimate the importance of every close to that financial plan.

Truth: No one gets excited about paying the phone bill.

You have to get the proper financial plan put in place in order to have the proper drive (need) to get the job done. Build a financial plan for yourself that takes care of more than just the bills, but also creates financial freedom for yourself in the future, and you can be a great closer!

The best closers are motivated not by profit, rather, by purpose.

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