Fail but Don’t Be a Failure

10. Great salespeople surround themselves with over-achievers and have little time for those that don’t create opportunities.

There’s a study that says you are the average of the five people that you are closest to. If the five people that you are closest to are underachievers and people who don’t strive tirelessly to create opportunities for themselves, then how do you expect to be motivated? I always wanted to reach to people who were above me. I always spent more money to stay at fancier hotels because I wanted to be surrounded by the big shots— the Players!

Unless the people you spend the most time with are making you lazy or distracting you from your goals, be a good friend and be their motivator! Feed off of them for support and energy, and you’ll embrace the two-way pipeline.

11. Great Salespeople never accept just “good enough.” They push themselves harder than other dare to push.

There’s always more room for improvement! Always seek the higher seat, whether it’s earning more this year than last year, having a better relationship with your loved ones, or your set of skills that you bring to a job. Everything in your life can be improved. The world is always changing. When you get to a place that you enjoy, the temptation is to relax. You may find you fall stagnant and are no longer growing and prospering as you used to when you were at the peak of activity. Connect the dots as you look in hindsight and keep moving forward! Only way is up from here!

12. Great salespeople don’t see failed sales attempts as failures but as investments in the process.

People fear failure. They don’t like the feeling of knowing that they tried something and didn’t succeed. Failure is deceiving; it’s a good thing! You want to and should fail — it’s the learning process!

When I fail, I immediately look back at what happened and figure out how to correct my mistakes and approach my next interaction with that intact.

Failure is an investment and not giving things a chance is the worst that can happen. Show up, attempt the sale, accept the “No” approach differently and persist!

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