Facing the Challenges in Business

Only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain. -Richard Nixon

Are you facing any challenges this week?

I know I am.

While I have managed to achieve success by many standards, this does not mean that I don’t face challenges on a daily basis. In fact, the challenges I wake up to every day are the same ones that many of you have:

“How do I make sure that my family is healthy, happy, and secure?”

“How do I succeed at my job at such a level that I’m an asset to my company and still make quality time for my little girls?”

“How do I take care of myself so that I’m there for my family, my company, and all the people in my life?”

“How do I find time to make sure I am creating in my marriage?”

“How do I fit in the work outs I know I need to stay healthy and mentally alert?”

While I have been blessed with a great life, this was not always so. Like so many people today, I got out of college during one of the worst economic times and couldn’t find a job doing anything close to what I had gone into so much debt to get a degree in.

I took a job that I was unsure of and that people warned me against. I got into drugs heavily and was on the brink of self-destruction and erasing myself from the opportunity to share this life with so many loved ones.

The only reason I am where I am today is because I decided that wasn’t how I wanted to live. I made a decision that I wanted to start talking responsibility for my life and do something great with it. I got off drugs, cleaned up my act, and committed to achieving at astronomical levels.

Whatever challenges you have gone through or are currently going through I encourage you to make a decision to take personal responsibility for them and decide, right now, that you want a better life and are willing to do everything you can to turn it around.

It’s not easy. Never before have the challenges and risks in life loomed so large; but never before have the potential payoffs been so huge. That’s why they’re called challenges. But that hard work, perseverance, and commitment will lead to great things once you’re on the other side of them. One thing I realized is that if you weren’t up for the challenge, you wouldn’t have it. Each challenge you have is uniquely yours and because of that, you can get past it.

Maybe your challenge is alcoholism, drug use, fear of commitment, financial trouble or lack of income. Hey, I’ve experienced all of those. Regardless of what issue you are facing right now, the first step toward overcoming it is to begin really looking at how you can execute on it and win in spite of it.

Here are 3 steps you can take in order to best the challenges you are facing.

1. Stop resisting! Actually step back, put your defenses down for a moment and welcome a challenge that comes your way. Look at it as an opportunity to improve your position. Find a way to take those stops that threaten you and use them to your advantage like a Master at Aikido. Because you actually get what you resist, this is step one in dealing with challenges.

2. Stay positive. Surround yourself with positive people and enhancement. Get yourself trained in your field of interest, with this sales and marketing training. Get up to date in your industry. Learn constantly. This will give you the ammunition you need to handle anything that comes your way. Think of yourself as a Navy Seal. Those guys train and drill like they are in real combat scenarios so that when they actually are in a battle, they handle advances like it’s second nature.

3. Don’t slow down. When you are hit with a challenge or bad news you tend to stop in your tracks and give all your attention to the problem. When you do this, the problem has already beat you. Keep your calendar full of things that are productive and above all, never ever quit. In order to win, refuse to slow down and instead, when your back is up against the wall, turn around and bust the wall down!

To recap: Embrace challenges and turn them around. No Negativity Allowed. Hit back and slam and jam.

Make it your policy and create an extraordinary life!

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