Faced with a Tough Decision?

The situation in Syria is dominating the news these days and there seems to be an important underlying theme – leadership and decisiveness, or lack thereof.

In business and in life, there are decisions we are constantly making. There are the everyday decisions like what to have for dinner and what movie to see; but then there are the BIG decisions calling for big leadership. One thing I’ve noticed is that when we refuse to decide, that in itself, is a decision. It’s actually a decision to continue with the way things are. Is there a big decision you’re mulling over? How are you approaching it?

When faced with big decisions, ones that will impact you, your loved ones, your business, your employees you must step into a leadership mindset. You are in control. Where we get caught up is when we doubt ourselves or aren’t completely sold. Either we need more information or, we don’t want to get uncomfortable so, we stay stuck. When you hit that place of stuck, ask yourself the big question. “Are you going to continue with the status quo, or move forward?”

All decisions have a cost associated with them. Your understanding of this cost will prove vital in decisions you make yourself or in helping someone else with theirs. The most powerful way to shape our lives comes from our ability to make decisions and take action.

Make a decision today about how you are going to live for the years to come. Being certain and decisive is how leaders inspire and motivate others to see their vision and support it.

Indecision is an indicator of one of 3 things:

  1. Lack of information. This can stop you cold. Get more data if you need to in order to make the call.
  2. Fear. You can’t live in fear of what could or might happen or who may not like your decision. Consider the facts and do what you know to be best.
  3. Concern over past mistakes. Look, today is today. Put the past behind you and move forward from right now. Don’t get today’s circumstance mixed up with some other situation from the past.

Isolate your reason and handle it so you can be a leader in your life.

Never fear betting on yourself. Making a decision is courageous, brave, necessary, and the mark of a true leader.

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