Dress for Success in Order to Sell

My wife is a wonderful actress.

As much as I think that she should play every role in Hollywood, we both know that a big part of it comes down to whether or not you have the look for the part.

Does she look right for the role? If she does, then of course the producers and the people in charge of casting will trust her that she can play the part. She has to be able to be professional, but still be herself and confident about her abilities as an actress.

That lesson applies to everyone. It never fails to amaze me how many times I go into a dealership or a store to train their staff and I will see people looking sloppy and unprofessional. When I ask them why they are dressed like that they usually say that dressing that way is comfortable for them.

Comfortable doesn’t sell. Professionalism and trust sells. If I’m buying anything I want to know that the person is proud to represent their product and dresses to show that.

What message are you saying to your customers? If you don’t trust yourself, trust your product, or trust your service enough to dress professionally then why should your customers trust you enough to buy from you?

Even if a customer never sees me, I know that there is a difference in my demeanor and my voice on the phone or an email. My ability to communicate with customers increases and my ability to sell increases.

So I challenge you for the next month to make it a priority to dress exceptionally. Notice how you feel and how customers start responding to you. Ditch all the “comfortable” clothes and start dressing like a true winner!

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